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Jerimic Clayborn III for Lansing City Clerk- Purpose Driven Leadership for the People

Lansing native Jerimic Clayborn III has high hopes of obtaining a position as Lansing’s next City Clerk in the 2017 General Election. His desire is to be a servant and ambassador for the citizens of Lansing. As a man with humble beginnings Jerimic desires to send a message to the people that all can defy the odds and achieve their dreams by working together and having faith in their abilities. The political arena is not a new space for Jerimic. He previously has run for Lansing City Council-At Large as a write in candidate and worked a Field Manager in the 2014 Michigan Gubernatorial Election.

Born and raised in Lansing Jerimic has had his ear to the ground and believes he knows best how to serve the needs of the people of Lansing. He plans to work hand and hand with Lansing City Council and the next Mayor to make the desired changes in the continued revitalization of the City. Some of the key issues on which Jerimic would like to focus on include but are not limited to:

  1. Increasing voter turnout by hosting Forums and Town Hall meetings at the Lansing Center.

  2. Restoring City Council meetings back to full time legislature of fifty meetings per year.

  3. Successfully work alongside our newly appointed Mayor in order to mediate relations between City Council members and the Mayor.

  4. Properly maintaining all city records, including City employee contracts.

In his free time Jerimic is also a devoted husband to his wife Christina and father to two darling sons Malachi and Levi. In addition to being a family man he devotes himself to numerous community service projects and faith based initiatives throughout the Lansing area. If you are one that is active in the Lansing community it is very likely that you have crossed paths with this young upstart on more than one occasion. Jeremic Clayborn III, a purpose driven leader with a heart for the people.

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