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Lions Lose but Detroit is Winning

On Sunday October 8th the Lions faced Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers who were coming off a road win defeating the New England Patriots. It was apparent early on the Panthers came to play. Detroit scored first with a field goal early in the first quarter followed by a Panther field goal to tie the game. In the second, lions converted a 78yd march down the field into a touchdown but to be answered by Newton and McCaffrey connecting in the end-zone minutes later. From there the Panthers began to pull away and score seventeen unanswered points until 5 minutes left in the final quarter of the game. Stafford throws for a touchdown making it a 2 possession game followed by a lockdown defensive series by Detroit to force the punt. The punt allows Stafford to find the end-zone again bringing it to a 3 point game. Detroit’s offense never touched the field again making the final score Carolina Panthers 27 Detroit Lions 24. Regardless of the loss, Ford Field has had an energy this year that would compete with the time of Barry Sanders. The Lions, this year, are bringing hope back to The Motor City and it would be one of the most opportune years to share the experience. You can purchase Detroit Lion tickets at

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