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It's Showtime-Review of Studio C Movie Facility

I jumped at the chance to do a review on Studio C Theater in Okemos. As a single working mom it’s sometimes hard to get out and enjoy a show so this was the perfect opportunity for a little entertainment.

Unless you’ve been living the hermit life you have probably heard of Studio C. Open since 2012 Studio C is the sister to South Lansing’s Celebration! Cinema. It boasts an upscale movie experience by offering gourmet food (portabella fries anyone?) and by serving alcoholic beverages (yippee)!

Tucked away behind the Meridian Mall the theater is quaint and not as overwhelming as your typical movie house. All of the seats are roomy and cozy, for an upcharge you can relax in leather recliners and truly relax. Complete with wood wall paneling and mood lighting the feel is definitely contemporary complete with a bistro style cafe area. The theater is perfect for a simple date or part of a girl’s night out on the town.

This ambience comes at a price though….Expect to pay extra for those plush reclining seating as it affords you your own waitress and unlimited popcorn. Also since hotdogs and nachos are not the norm here you will be paying a bit more for wood grilled pizza and gourmet burgers.

All in all when a typical movie theater is generally filled with chatty teenagers and stale popcorn it’s refreshing to be able to enjoy a movie out amongst a more mature crowd and access to a meal that’s not carnival fare.

I went to the last show (8:30pm) on a Monday evening. The building was all but empty except for the staff. The employees were eager to answer all my questions about the menu and they were all extremely polite.

I settled into my comfy recliner and watched Chadwick Boseman give his best effort at the Reginald Hudlin directed film “Marshall”.

The picture was crystal clear and the surround sound perfect. The chair was comfy and relaxing. My burger was pretty tasty and my cola frothy and cold just like I like it. It was nice having a tray attached to my recliner it was much neater than trying to juggle my food with both hands like a typical theater. It felt very cozy and comfortable like what I suspect movie night is like if you go to Puff Daddy's house.

It's an experience I would truly recommend. Just make sure you bring two things.

One being a few extra bucks if you want the frills. Two bring a friend. Things like this are always better in pairs.

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