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Will Hinkson-Totally Fit for Progress

I Recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Will Hinkson Owner/Director of Training for Huron River Cross Fit in based in Ann Arbor MI. The impression that I got when chatting with Will was “He is a down to earth guy that has laser focus and knows what he wants.” Will is indeed a talented trainer that loves people. Will hails from Lake Orion Michigan and has been training athletes since high school. In addition he has taught kids of all ages how to swim. For as long as he can remember Will has enjoyed fitness.

In addition to his love for fitness his heart of service and community helped shape his career. After high school Will proudly served five years as a member of an elite U.S. Marine Reconnaissance unit. Afterwards he spent the next five years working for the U.S. State Department before dedicating his full attention to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Will was able to merge his love for fitness and service while he was over in Kabul Afghanistan. He started a fitness movement while opening a Cross Fit facility at the Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan– the first of its kind at an Embassy anywhere in the world. One hundred people from different walks of life united while attending this Cross Fit facility. This was another example of how little consistent changes make the biggest impact.

Will ran this facility for three years in Kabul returning Stateside to Ann Arbor Michigan. After relocating in July 2014 Will fully embraced his calling. He pressed pass fear and dedicated his time to helping people transform their lives and bridge the gap in community through his new Cross Fit Facility in Ann Arbor MI. Will hit the ground running by starting Huron River Cross Fit shortly after his return to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Will believes consistent positive experiences through kindness, perseverance and dedication has the ability to make the biggest changes in the world. This is the result of the transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. Positive transformation of self can be reflected in the communities in which we live. Once Will embraced this concept he wholeheartedly devoted his life to helping change lives through fitness. He prides himself on his sincere commitment to wellness for members, family and team.

If you have any questions or would like to contact Will directly we can be reach at (734) 436-4267. You can also visit the Huron River Cross Fit web page by visiting:

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