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Silver Bells in the City-Beat Reporting While Biking

Friday November 17th marked the 33rd Annual Lansing Silver Bells in the City Festival and Tree Lighting Ceremony. Silver Bells began in 1984 with a community sing on the Washington Square Mall. Over the years Silver Bells has become a household tradition through Mid-Michigan and beyond. It has grown through the years to include a massive parade and the annual lighting of the official state Christmas tree in front of the Capitol which is quite a sight to behold.

This was a memorable and meaningful experience for me. I had the privilege to participate in this event like never before. I accepted the invitation to ride with Lansing Bike Party. It took me a couple weeks to decide but I finally decided why not. It was awesome to participate in the Electric Light Parade. The Lansing Bike Party invited cyclists from across the state to light up their bikes and join them for this annual celebration in downtown Lansing.

Although the night was crisp it did not stop the Bikers from doing their thing. The unique Bicycle float captured the attention of all those on standby. After being away from the Lansing area and returning approximately a year ago, it was excellent to engage with others and add to a rich Lansing tradition. From the marching bands to the colorful floats and lighting of the Christmas tree this event definitely made it great to be back home in Lansing Michigan.


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