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The 6th Annual Art & Craft Beer Fest will be held on Saturday, January 27th from 5pm to 10pm (4pm for VIP). The Festival will be kicked off with a ceremonial firkin tapping at 5pm. Art & Craft Beer Fest is an indoor festival hosted at four venues that features art, comedy, short films and live music. All venues are located on the main strip in REO Town, just a short walk from one another. This year we changed things up a bit by adding comedy and short films to the festival for the first time. How the festival is laid out this year, The Cadillac Room will have acoustic music, Market Commons will have live bands, Robin Theatre will show short films and the heated tent behind REO Town Pub will host the comedy show. All the venues will have a wide range of amazing art. Much like the last several years, we’ll be featuring beers only from Right Brain Brewing Company and this year we have 16 brand new beers from them. There will be 15 Right Brain beers on tap at one time and 16 others waiting to be tapped. For the non-beer drinkers, we have 11 different seasonal and rare ciders from Blake's Hard Cider as well as 10 wines from Chateau Grand Traverse.

With any festival good food is a must, we have great food vendors for you. This year we have Pie Hole Pizza Truck and Picnic A Food Truck. On top of those Good Truckin' Diner and Saddleback BBQ will stay open later for the festival. For more info go to:

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