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Extraordinary Leadership-Angela Rodriguez of Shabazz Academy

Angela Rodriguez was born in Saginaw, Michigan and attended Saginaw public schools. Her main focus as a young lady was becoming an educator. Angela received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on Charter Schools from Central Michigan University. Rodriguez felt as an educator that charity starts at home. She taught pre-school and young five at Fuerbringer Elementary and Growing Years Development Center for seven years in Saginaw, MI. Angela also was an Assistant Principal at Francis Reh Academy for seventeen years. For nine of those seventeen years she ran an after school mentoring program right at home in Saginaw. The community is fortunate that after almost twenty-five years she decided to share her art of teaching in Lansing, Michigan at Shabazz Academy.

Angela Rodriguez is playing a big role at Shabazz Academy as the Chief School Administrator. She's making sure education for minority youth soars. Shabazz Academy offers African Dancing and Drumming, Basketball for boys and girls, tutoring four times a day, Swahili, Girl Scouts, Robotics, Cheerleading, Spanish, Soccer, and Hip-Hop Dance. It's safe to say that Shabazz Academy has a plethora of extracurricular activities that are not just free but totally accessible to the students because they provide free to your door transportation. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you when you read that extracurricular activities are free as well as the transportation. This takes place Monday through Thursday weekly. Even with all the great perks there is an equitable education curriculum. Angela and Susan Sturock saw to writing a social studies curriculum that incorporates black people as well as to help it be a common focus to the students. Shabazz Academy has seventy chrome books a smart board in every classroom. They have the same curricular as Lansing Public Schools. They offer a safe and secure entry with a buzzer. There are also security cameras to ensure the safety of the children.

Angela's biggest accomplishments over the past year and a half have been raising academic achievement and enrollment at Shabazz Academy. She is especially thankful for all the staff and faculty that has help make this possible. Gary Truvillion (Woo) is a mentor at Shabazz Academy and has been a great service to the young men. The young men show a high regard of respect for him which has helped avoid altercations. Angela's main goal for Shabazz Academy is for minority children to get the best education possible. She wants Shabazz Academy to be a school of excellence. In fact, after this school year she's hoping that the school will get approved for re-authorization for an expansion from K-8. As of now Shabazz Academy serves children K-6.

Angela has taken the initiative of investing in her student's personal interest as well as providing a service to our community. March fifth of this year Angela had her Grand Opening for Dazzling Diamonds Dance Studio. Dazzling Diamonds Dance Studio is located at 5218 S. Martin Luther King Ave. Dazzling Diamonds is open to boys and girls ages 5-18. This studio offers Ballet, Jazz, Majorette, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and various levels of African Dance. For more information feel free to contact Ms. Rodriguez at (989) 529-2490. Best wishes to one of the newest shakers and movers of Lansing Ms. Angela Rodriguez.

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