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Lansing School District's La’Vonte Heard-Music is Inspiration

Courtesy Photo-La'Vonte Heard

La’Vonte Heard is a Lansing native that attended Lansing public schools. One of his main goals is to give back by teaching his passion which is music. La’Vonte is the music teacher at Pleasant View Visual and Performing Arts School. He has taken Pleasant View to another level by starting an Arts Enrichment Series. Of course he couldn’t have done this alone. Mr. Heard had a lot of help Dr. Yvonne Caamal Canul the superintendent of the Lansing School District as well as her executive team were heavily involved in getting the Arts Enrichment Series in motion. In fact she was so elated by the idea Dr. Yvonne Cammal Canul responded to La’Vonte Heards request within twenty four hours.

Eldon McGraw information manager of the Lansing School District’s office made all of the correspondence for the Arts Enrichment Series. Principal Semekia Fowler and Vice Principal Calvin Beard of Pleasant View also played a role on embarking this new music endeavor. This Arts Enrichment Series received help from anyone affiliated with music from Central State University. Plus the Earl Nelson Singers Company of Lansing funded all the hotel rooms for the Central State University Chorus. The Central State University Chorus will be performing in the Arts Enrichment Series Wednesday March 15th at 8pm at Pattengill Academy. All children and students will be free there is a $5 admission for parents and there is a $10 admission for the community. Reeder Pianos INC provided all of the pianos for the Arts Enrichment Series. The children absolutely are fascinated when watching the big beautiful pianos get assembled.

La’Vonte saw to it that the children of Lansing saw some of the most talented artists of the world like Soprano Candice Potts which the young ladies are still raving over the beautiful ball gown she wore while performing and pianist Marcus Smith, violinist Rodney Page, Dr. Thompson did a piano recital, and Bass Baritone Darnell Ishmel. Plus Mrs. Gewirtz one of PLV’s kindergarten teachers participated in the Arts Enrichment Series with her husband’s band. They did a tribute to Motown and Classic R&B. These are a few of many people that are making a pathway promise to our children. This inspiration is provided for our communities less fortunate Children. Pleasant View holds faculty at a high standard of making sure all performing arts genres are key. The Arts Enrichment Series goal is to solidify for all Lansing Schools. PLV is making sure that they are a recognized resource and epicenter for arts. La’vonte hopes next year more people will get more involved so it can become more epic. His hope is that performing arts will no longer be a myth in Lansing Schools. Most importantly La’Vonte Heard plans to stay with the Lansing School District for as long as they will have him. I’m sure our hope is that La’Vonte Heard continues to embark on his performing arts passion for our youth for his duration.

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