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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Motorcycle During Summer

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Motorcycle During Summer

Summer is perfect for motorcycle riding because it’s a season that often comes with warm, beautiful days. Safe bike riding during summer requires preparing your vehicle for the season’s hazards. Get ready for your next ride by reading these easy tips for maintaining your motorcycle during the summer.

Don’t Overlook Problematic Signs

Maintenance is critical because if your bike breaks down on a hot sunny day, it may not be near shelter or air conditioning. Preventing breakdowns before they happen requires more than sticking to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. The parts on your bike work together to create a specific feel when you ride, so when the feel of your bike deviates, you should bring it to an expert for repairs.

For example, there are many ways to tell if your motorcycle’s fuel injectors are clogged, such as poor fuel economy. You may think that reduced fuel efficiency is a show of your bike’s age, but it may be from issues with your fuel injectors. Talk to an expert who can inspect your bike if the vehicle starts making any strange sounds when running. Being proactive with signs of damage anywhere on the bike will help you avoid unforeseen breakdowns during sunny summer days.

Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure

Monitoring tire pressure is an essential tip for maintaining your motorcycle during the summer because of the heat. Unfortunately, the summer heat can cause bike tires to expand and wear quicker than normal. Your owner’s manual should have instructions regarding tire inspection frequency. However, you must make tire inspections a bigger priority during the summer months.

If you ride the motorcycle all throughout the week, consider adding tire check-ups to your weekly inspection. That way, you can act swiftly when tire issues occur. You should also add a tire pressure gauge to your motorcycle tool kit so that you can immediately address over- or under-inflation.

Swap Out Air Filters

Your bike pulls air from the outside to mix with fuel in the engine. This gives your bike the horsepower it needs to run. Air filters allow the engine to receive a clean and efficient mixture of fuel and oxygen. As you prepare to ride during the summer months, check your air filters.

Riding with dirty filters reduces the amount of air that can reach your engine. By replacing the filter with a clean alternative, you can maintain healthy airflow throughout the vehicle.

Take advantage of all the tips above to ensure you can ride your motorcycle safely and efficiently on stunning sunny days.

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