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3 Types of Contractors on New Construction Projects

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

3 Types of Contractors on New Construction Projects

From sprawling shopping malls and towering skyscrapers to cozy dream homes and ultramodern office spaces, new construction projects take many forms, and contractors are at the heart of every successful build. Explore three types of contractors on new construction projects to understand their roles in creating durable, functional, and stylish structures.

General Contractors

At the helm of any new construction project is a general contractor. These resourceful individuals act as the main overseers of construction projects, expertly handling day-to-day operations on-site and collaborating with all other contractors involved.

They engage with project owners, hire subcontractors, and manage resources. In a sense, general contractors function as the glue holding the many moving parts of new construction projects together.


Subcontractors are professionals who possess expertise in specific areas related to the construction process, and general contractors typically hire them to complete specific components of the project. The broad range of subcontractors covers electrical installation, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, and many more specialized fields.

Subcontractors provide the essential skills and services that contribute to the overall success of a construction project. That’s why collaborating with the right professionals is one of the crucial factors in planning and designing new construction projects.

Design-Build Contractors

Another type of contractor on new construction projects is the design builder. These service providers offer a unique combination of both design and construction expertise. Since they work on these two aspects of the project, they can create a comprehensive design plan.

Design-build contractors streamline the entire construction process by operating as a single point of contact for project owners, reducing the need for multiple contractors and expediting project completion. In doing so, they can help ensure fewer errors in project planning and execution.

New builds require the expertise of various specialized professionals. General contractors are crucial overseers, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and coordinating with other contractors. Subcontractors offer their honed skills in specific fields to bring the vision of a project to life. Lastly, design-build contractors provide a unique blend of design and construction services for project owners seeking a streamlined approach to construction.

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