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A Celebration of Women - You are Essential and Unconditionally Loved.

I have four incredible sisters and a select handful of women who have become wonderful friends, colleagues, and confidants. With absolute surety, I declare that if women were to disappear from our world, the implications would be staggering, and the loss would be profoundly felt in every aspect of life and love.

Firstly, without women, the world would be devoid of femininity, a complex yet elegant essence. The world as we know it would be bleak and monotonous without the vibrancy and diversity that women bring to the table. Women contribute to art, fashion, music, and culture, infusing them with creativity and beauty. Women's unique perspectives and experiences enhance their creativity, which enriches our world in countless ways.

Secondly, women have the profound God-given ability to birth life from the spirit realm as flesh. Without them, humanity would not exist. Motherhood is an incredibly precious gift only women can bestow on the world. The bond between a mother and child is unbreakable and unparalleled under healthy circumstances. The nurturing care women provide is essential to the healthy development of girls and boys.

Thirdly, women embody an immense amount of fortitude and grit. Women are resilient and have overcome countless obstacles and challenges throughout history. Women have been fighting for their rights and equality for centuries, and their perseverance and determination have paved the way for future generations of women.

Fourthly, women's strength is often overlooked, underestimated, and side-eyed. Women possess physical power, emotional resilience, and mental strength. They can accomplish extraordinary feats, and their contributions to sports, the military, corporate America, and other physically and mentally demanding fields prove this.

Without women, this Earth would be without femininity, motherhood, grit, creativity, strength, and unconditional love. Women play an essential role in shaping families and society, and their contributions are, without mistake, invaluable. It is always wise that we recognize and appreciate the vital role that women play in our lives as sisters, mothers, aunties, lovers, and friends and ensure that they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Essential to all things under the sun, my only request is that you please take care of your mind by taking the necessary time off to decompress and meditate; take care of your body to stay healthy and strong to take care of yourself, your partner and children; and maintain a healthy spirit, for there is where your metal is tested, generational curses are broken, and legacies are made. We honor you, we need you, we celebrate you, yet above ALL things, we love you.

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