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A Chronicle News 'Salute'

The Chronicle News would like to recognize an outstanding Social Justice Warrior, and female Entrepreneur, Tay Ford.

She is a devoted mother, daughter, sister, friend, clinical therapist, and mental health advocate. Through various community and professional platforms like Manifest Thirty-One, Heart of The City Photography, and A Village of Wings -- Tay strives to raise awareness about mental health through education and suicide prevention while promoting safe spaces to unite and empower others.

Earlier this month, (October 8th), she had a leading role in the Metro Detroit "Out of The Darkness Walk" with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

In December, Ford will host the 5th annual "Christmas with Wisdom" event that supports senior citizens who are in hospice or nursing homes during the holiday season.

We thank you Tay Ford for your beauty, spirit, and commitment to community empowerment!

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