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A Look In The Mirror - Ida B. Wells (1862 - 1931) Reformer and Journalist

Ida Wells was born as a slave in Mississippi on July 16, 1862. After the Civil War, her family was able to secure their freedom. She later became a teacher, but she was fired after speaking out against the mistreatment of African-American students. This incident motivated her to become a journalist.

During the 1880s, journalist Alice Wells exposed the South's lynching in her articles, which put her at risk. She was forced to flee her home in Tennessee after her newspaper's office was destroyed by a mob. Despite her ordeal, she continued to fight against lynching and established the anti-lynching crusade. She also helped found the NAACP and advocated for women's rights.

Throughout her life, Wells has been active in fighting against segregation and discrimination. She also published numerous books about politics and race. Her legacy has had a significant impact on the civil rights situation in the country.

Her courage and dedication to reporting the truth continue to inspire people. Wells passed away on March 25, 1931. Her legacy continues to motivate people due to her determination and fight against adversity.


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