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After a Tragedy in East Lansing, One Mental Health Practice looks to help people heal

East Lansing, MI. Counselors at Therapy Today Counseling & Consulting, a mental health practice near MSU, have opened up their schedules with additional appointment times to anyone who needs support through this crisis. Same-day, in-person, and telehealth appointments are available.

“This affects everyone,” says Leslie Auld, Director and Psychotherapist at Therapy Today. “The community is hurting and we’re here to help. We’re here and we care. If we can’t help you right away, we will help you find other resources that can.” Accessing needed support promptly helps prevent the long-term effects of trauma. Community members are encouraged to call 517-481-2133 or email for prompt and personal support, and encourage others who may be struggling to do the same. Therapy Today Counseling & Consulting is a psychotherapy practice with locations in East Lansing and Ann Arbor and has been serving the community since 2013. Offering long-term, short-term, and same day therapy provided by a skilled team of trained, experienced, and licensed counselors who specialize in providing psychotherapy treatment for individuals, couples, and families, our process includes a tailored approach that matches each client with a therapist or counselor that best suits their specific needs.

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