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Claretta Duckett-Freeman Lansing City Council at-large candidate

Courtesy Photo-Claretta Duckett-Freeman

I’m very passionate about physical and mental health. I believe our taxes should go to improving our wellbeing whether that means investing in schools and health programs or parks and recreation. Investing in our people lowers crime and endears people to the city. I believe that punitive measures of controlling human behavior are outdated and inhumane.

I work for a day where the prison system is abolished, and the money spent on prisons and jails go to therapists and childcare. Our taxes should improve the lives of the citizenry because it belongs to the people. I did not grow up here, but I became an adult here. The practical ways I saw Christian values lived out, changed my view about faith. Now I don’t want to live anywhere else.

I want my children nurtured by people who not only expect the best out of one another but are open minded and embrace the so-called misfits. I don’t just believe in caring for the marginalized. I believe in centering them. We are responsible for how we helped the “least of these”. I am running for city council because politicians seem more afraid to offend those in power than they are afraid of harming poor common folk like me. If Black Lives don’t matter to us, who will they matter to?

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