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Common Causes of Lower Back Pain: A Quick Guide

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain: A Quick Guide

Lower back pain can happen for many reasons, so it’s stressful if you can’t narrow down the cause. Plus, what happens when the pain is severe or long-lasting? Keep reading to find a quick guide to common causes of lower back pain so that you can be ready when discomfort strikes.

Muscle Strains

One of the most common culprits behind lower back pain is muscle strain. This happens when you push your body too far and overstretch a muscle in your back. Sudden movements, heavy lifting, and more acute injuries usually cause this. While a muscle strain can happen suddenly, the pain will last for a while afterward due to muscle spasms.

Don’t hesitate to talk to a health specialist when you need to develop a treatment plan. A substantial role of physical medicine in pain management is the ability to explore chiropractic care and more reliable solutions to develop a personalized treatment plan.


Many people associate arthritis development with our body’s hands, but that’s not the only place you can experience it. Arthritis can strike your spine and cause pain, inflammation, and more troubling symptoms. Osteoarthritis often naturally occurs over time, as it’s the degenerative wear and tear of the joints on your spine.

If you feel lower back pain developing and it isn’t following an accident, talk to a health-care expert about potential arthritis treatments. Like with muscle strains, having an expert analyze your body and symptoms leads to the most effective results.

Herniated Discs

The discs in our spines feature a soft material encased in a tougher outer shell. In some instances, that outer layer tears. Once the tear occurs, that soft inner part of the disc can press on a nerve in your spin to cause distracting pain.

A herniated disc can be a degenerative result of wear and tear over time. However, it can also happen from a sudden accident, so it’s no surprise that herniated discs are on our quick guide to common causes of lower back pain.

Remember this guide if you experience lower back pain so that you can act with less confusion and more preparation.

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