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"Defending Black Votes" up for Debate in Washtenaw County

After advocacy from the Defend Black Voters coalition, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners will be meeting tonight at 7:00 pm to consider and vote on a resolution to ensure accountability of county vendors funding voter suppression. Community leaders will speak in favor of the resolution. This policy, if passed, would continue a streak of corporate accountability measures won by the Defend Black Voters Coalition at the Wayne County Commission and Ann Arbor City Council.

This groundbreaking measure uses the strongest language of any vendor accountability resolution to date, and would instruct the county administrator to review purchasing processes to ensure that the political activity and political spending of vendors “reflect the values of Washtenaw County government related to the importance of protecting free and fair democracy and civil rights.”

Such a practice would be the first of its kind in the country.

The Defend Black Voters Coalition–a multi-racial coalition with the shared value that we must build a democracy in which everyone, regardless of race, gender, or income, has the right to an equal say in what happens in our communities–is standing up against the corporate attack on democracy for all. Learn more about The Defend Black Voters Coalition at our website:

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