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Did You Know???

The rights to use and make money from the phrase "White Lives Matter" are owned by two black radio show hosts in Phoenix.

Ramses Ja and Quinton 'Q' Ward host a program called "Civic Cipher." The purpose of the show is to empower the voices of people of color. It is streamed throughout the nation from the host's home base in Phoenix.

The original owner of the phrase, "White Lives Matter," is a regular listener of the Civic Cipher show and the unidentified man asked the radio talkers to take over control of the phrase's trademark.

Shirts with the phrase “White Lives Matter” went viral after Rapper Kanye West and conservative political commentator Candace Owens wore them to the famed Paris Fashion Show last month. Owens posted the picture to her Instagram account, and West was criticized for wearing the shirts.

The new owners of the phrase say they'd consider selling their rights to Kanye for $1 billion. That way, he could sell shirts with "White Lives Matter" on them.

Screengrab: CBS 3/5 in Phoenix

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