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Detroit entertainment executive and filmmaker, Al Nuke and Lite Skin Productions create a movement to preserve Detroit’s Musical Culture with his new film, Detroit Dreams VIEW


Detroit, MI- Detroit Dreams, the latest of film project to come out of Detroit, Michigan is being released with a 7-City screening tour replete with live performances from its film’s soundtrack all-stars. Written and directed by Detroit’s own Al Nuke of Lite Skin Productions, this project provides a glimpse of the Motor City in the 21st Century as Nuke’s dedication to bring Detroit’s cultural history and legacy current is evident in every scene.

“This story is my effort to preserve and revitalize the musical history of Detroit and our city’s identity —its power and its pain, says Nuke.”

“We had a unique sound with the birth of Motown, and we have a unique sound today. It’s all our own and I intend on breathing life into this nostalgia and creating a movement with it.”

The film follows Bobby who is a music producer played by popular local Detroit promoter, Jonte “Smoke” Bothwell. In the film, Bobby is intent on capturing and producing the true Detroit sound by building what he believes will be the biggest record label industry-wide. With this story, Al Nuke does an effective job at bridging the momentum of Motown and days gone by into present day Detroit.

Nuke doesn’t miss a beat with the critical nuances that shape and form the realities of today’s struggle for greatness within the politics of the record industry. The film features performances by rappers Tay B and Matashia who also portray lead characters as well as a strong and amazing soundtrack that complements the visuals.

The 7-city screening tour will include a concert boasting some of Detroit’s greatest hip-hop talent. It will highlight one of the film’s leads, Tay B, along with local Detroit artists Babyface Ray, Peezy, Payroll, Lou Gram and more.

The inaugural city and launch of the tour is none other than Detroit, Michigan and will continue to Indiana, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Phoenix, ending in Atlanta on, May 26, 2022. Al Nuke, Smoke, Tay B and additional cast members are available for immediate interviews, and also during the press conference and red carpet premiere. All media outlets are invited to attend the press conference for Detroit Dreams on April 30, 2022 (location and time TBD) followed by the premiere on May 1, 2022, 7 p.m. at The Garden Theater in Detroit. The film will be available for streaming on Tubi June 1, 2022. For more information and advance ticket sales please log onto, and visit


About Al Nuke Known as a complex genius, Al Nuke is the true definition of a multimedia mogul who has come out of the mud. After rising from being homeless at the age of 13, he built a career in music, movies and television that spans for over 30 years. He has established himself as a stellar artist, producer and filmmaker. His impact includes collaborations with esteemed figures in hip-hop such as Trick Daddy, MC Hammer, Havoc and Prodigy. In 2006, Nuke penned, starred and directed in his award-winning, first major release titled, 17000 Block. He later delved deeper into entertainment by opening Detroit’s first Multi Media Complex, All World Media, offering services such as music recording, marketing and visual concepts. The icon has also partnered with former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick and former Governor Jennifer Granholm, in multiple non-profit and community outreached programs. The Detroit native is the founder and CEO of the Atlanta based Bigg Bizz management and marketing company. He is responsible for brokering brand partnerships for legendary producer/songwriter, Zaytoven with an array of companies. The winning pair has collaborated on several films such as Birds of a Feather on Netflix and 2 Finesse, a comedy which Nuke directed and he also played the lead role. The film featured national recording artist, Migos and other heavyweights. As a major investor in Lite Skin Films, he is bringing Detroit Dreams to the screen as proof of his purposeful journey back home to illuminate the old and new sound of Detroit.

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