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Historic leadership change at the Michigan State Capitol

In the 185-year history of the state of Michigan it had never happened before until now -- the top two legislative leaders are not white men.

With the Democrats being in the majority in both the state House and Senate by virtue of Tuesday's elections, the big announcements came yesterday -- Senator Winnie Brinks from Grand Rapids and Representative Joe Tate of Detroit were named 'Majority Leader' and 'Speaker of the House', respectively.

“I am honored to be elected by my peers to lead the first Democratic Majority in the Michigan Senate since 1983. Along with Democratic leadership in the House and governor’s office, we are ready to lead a legislature that prioritizes people over politics,” said Senator Brinks.

“I am proud to serve alongside my esteemed colleagues as Speaker of the House,” said Tate. “Together, we will shape sound policy that positively impacts our state and generates opportunities for all Michiganders to reach their full potential. I am confident that we are destined to do great works in the days before us.”

Democrats last held majorities in both chambers of the Michigan Legislature nearly four decades ago, in 1984.

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