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‘home at Msu’: a Simple Instagram Story Tag Brings Light During Grieving

award-winning local journalist Kiyerra Lake from News 6 tapped in

Michigan State University has over 37,000 students so in essence, 100s of 1000s, if not millions, have called East Lansing and MSU home at some point in time. Both nationally and internationally, people carry their Spartan spirit with them.

Today (Feb. 17), many are taking to Instagram to pay homage and tribute to the MSU they are choosing to remember and adore.

The platform's story tag is called 'home at msu 💚' and it already has nearly 11k posts and counting.

It seems to be a collective uplifting and a subtle act to bring positivity amidst the heaviness and hurt recently experienced in East Lansing.

Some of the photo collages were tagged by former students while others were made by those who still attend the university. There are beautiful photos of people laughing at campus events, tailgating, celebrating and graduating. There are people posing with Sparty and others working in the on-campus studio.

At a time when so many could turn toward anger, this depiction of joy is revolutionary.

If you have a happy memory on campus at Michigan State and you want to jump in on the trend, go to our Instagram and click the story. Go to our 'home at msu 💚' post and press Add yours.

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