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How To Wear Athleisure During the Winter

How To Wear Athleisure During the Winter

After years of popularity, it’s safe to assume that athleisure is no flash-in-the-pan trend. Rather, it’s a stylish and functional clothing look that affords superior comfort, movement, and versatility. However, most people associate athletic-focused outfits with mild seasons, such as fall. Read on to learn how to wear athleisure during the winter.

Warm On Top

There are various ways to style your athleisure outfit to ensure better performance in winter weather and environmental conditions. One way to do this is to focus on keeping the upper areas of your body warm by accessorizing with functional jackets and coats.

For instance, complementing a pair of yoga pants with a hoodie and a fleece zipper jacket is a simple way to provide insulation for your body while also maintaining a casual, athletic look. For superior weather protection, substitute the fleece zipper coat for a puffer jacket.

Switch Up Your Footwear

Do you have the perfect athleisure outfit but can never find the right time to wear it during the winter season? Often, you can easily convert an ensemble of athleisure garments into the ideal winter fit by switching your shoes to more suitable footwear.

For example, instead of runners or other low-profile sneakers, consider wearing a pair of quality boots. This stark contrast in style adds depth and character to your outfit, all while providing superior traction and stability on slippery surfaces. Experiment with different boot cuts and designs to find the perfect match for your athletic pants. And remember to wear thick, warm socks for added protection!

Accessories Are Crucial

Since athleisure outfits are naturally more breathable, you need to complement these garments with warm, insulating accessories to ensure complete weather protection and comfort.

For instance, a winter athleisure outfit should include a beanie, gloves, and a scarf. Aside from keeping you warm in adverse weather conditions, these accessories can help elevate how stylish your winter outfit is, as well as add versatility and flexibility.

Understanding how to wear athleisure during the winter can help you enjoy this amazing fashion style all year round! Ultimately, the best outfits are those you feel your best in, so find clothing that fits your taste and create amazing ensembles that reflect your personality.

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