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Incident after the Michigan/Michigan State Game has Some Claiming "Assault!"

Screengrab from Twitter

It’s an old admonition from the ‘hood – “Lose the game, win the fight!”

Folks today are wondering if that mindset may have motivated a ‘scuffle’ between Michigan State and Michigan players in the tunnel leading from the field at Michigan Stadium.

Things apparently were gettin’ chippy last night just prior to that as both head coaches, Jim Harbaugh and Mel Tucker, could be seen trying to calm their players down as they headed for the tunnel.

U of M Athletic Director Warde Manuel claims two Wolverine players were physically assaulted and he’s asking for police to investigate.

There are others suggesting this was “No big deal.” Simply “youthful exuberance, Brutha-style.” And what looked like a brawl may have been little more than a kind of “slip and fall accident" involving a small group of players.

There were NO injuries reported from the post-game “dust up.”

For the record, MICHIGAN WON THE GAME by a score of 29-7. It is the Wolverines' first win in three tries against a Mel Tucker-led Spartan team.

Hail to the Victors!

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