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Island Nations' Songs Fill Wharton Center

EAST LANSING, MI — Island life has traveled far and wide as it has made its way to Wharton Center for one night only on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 7:30 PM. Tickets are on sale now for Small Island Big Song through the official Wharton Center Ticket Office, online at, or by calling 517.432.2000 or 1.800.WHARTON.


Small Island Big Song is a multimedia project uniting the seafaring islands of the Pacific and Indian Ocean through artistic collaboration to highlight humanity’s impact on the ever-changing planet we call home. The artists working with Small Island Big Song have chosen to maintain the cultural voice of their people, to sing in their language, and to play the instruments of their land. These unique lineages mixed with their diverse contemporary styles establish a contemporary musical dialogue among cultures of islands from Madagascar to Rapa Nui to create "one coherent jaw-dropping piece" as described by Rob Schwartz (Billboard).


Across the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions, environmental and cultural loss threatens island life. The collective lifestyles of humanity have directly affected the global environment, and the planet is now a fragile island which everyone is responsible. Rather than point fingers, Small Island Big Song’s inspirational artists sing from the depth of their heritage for a sustainable future, celebrating tradition, and uplifting the music of their homelands.


"In our globalized, computerized world, music can bring us awareness of who we are, our history and our values, and our connection to nature. I bring what my grandfather poured into me.” —Yoyo Tuki, Small Island Big Song (from Rapa Nui - Easter Island)




Events & Engagements


Cultural Dinner at Akers Hall

·         Mar 18, 2024

·         Open to the public

·         The MSU culinary team will be creating a menu of food from the Pacific Islands, highlighting sustainability practices.


Documentary Screening                                                                       

·         Mar 18, 2024, at 6PM

·         Akers Hall, MSU

·         Free to the public

·         Join for a screening of the Small Island Big Song documentary: Small Island Big Song: An Oceanic Songline


Climate Crisis: Our Response as Artists Panel

·         Mar 19, 2024, at 7PM

·         Erikson Kiva, MSU

·         Free to the public

·         Hosted by Small Island Big Song’s BaoBao Chen, this panel will explore ways artists can use their voices to push the needle on political, economic, social, and cultural questions.



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