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It's a Matter of Where You Put Your Eyes

Courtesy Photo-Shakir from Shakir Creative

Most people I know have someone in their lives that offers up sage advice. More importantly, you hold their advice in high esteem. For me, that person was my father. “Find something you love, and you will never work a day in your life,” said dad. That same sage advice applies across the board. DeAntio Shakir from Shakir Creative has found that nugget. "I was first introduced to the world of videography in high school," said Shakir. "I immediately fell in love." A short time later, Shakir did a promotional video that went viral. The rest is, as they say, history.

Shakir's beauty is that it offers an alternative to the traditional pictures at the wedding concept. "People viewing the wedding videos get more of a feeling that they attended the wedding,” said Shakir. "One of the more popular features of the service is the drone view," said Shakir. "My customers like this unique view." Besides doing branding and commercials, Shakir has three main packages: Netflix, Primetime, and Trillium. The Netflix package offers 6 hours of coverage, a full ceremony, a five-minute highlight clip, one-hour filming before the ceremony, one ceremony camera, a one-minute highlight of the wedding (trailer), and a drone view.

The Primetime package offers 8 hours coverage, full ceremony, plus the highlight of reception events, ten-minute highlight clip, one-hour filming before the ceremony, two ceremony camera, drone view, and one minute clip (save the date).

The Trillium package offers 10 hours coverage, full ceremony, plus highlight of reception events, fifteen-minute highlight clip, one-hour filming before the ceremony, three ceremony camera, drone view, one-minute clip highlight of wedding, interview with the bride and groom, creative shooting and one minute clip (save the date).

As Shakir explains, when he first started, he did know what to charge. “After doing my research, I realized that this could be a lucrative venture. Shakir Creature was born. The specialty of the house is cinematography or storyteller with weddings. "My main goal is to make you feel as if you were there," said Shakir. "My favorite part of the business," explained 'Shakir, "is when I send the first preview of the video, and I get their initial response. Making their day makes my day." Check out samples of Shakir’s work at

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