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It’s All About the Customer

Courtesy photo from Caleb Moss. Pictured (L to R) are Caleb and Joshua

Describing Caleb Moss as a renaissance man is just the tip of the iceberg. Moss has created his future. Growing up, Moss was quite the character. Moss often saw the lighter side of most situations. "I discovered early in life, years and years of schooling, was not going to be my jam,” said Moss. Moss is an adventurous entrepreneur. Moss has started three businesses housed under one roof in 2020.

Besides creating a carpet cleaning business, he also offers ATM services (machine installation) and a home waterproofing service. "The concept that your word is your bond is the cornerstone of my business," said Moss. The name of Moss's business is Moss Bros, LLC. "Customer service starts at home," said Moss. "I take care of the crew that works for me, and in turn, we can offer a top-notch professional service to every customer."

Growing up, Moss had plenty of examples of living with an entrepreneurial spirit in his immediate family. I have to give my little brother, Joshua, credit for helping form my company. Joshua, the college graduate, brings the book smarts to the company. Moss is a people person.

Offering homeowners peace of mind at an affordable cost is job one. Moss learned the ups and downs of the waterproofing industry first and on the job. “Waterproofing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg,” said Moss. “Giving customers back their homes is a noteworthy endeavor.”

A wet basement can have several causes. First, it’s not only flooding that should worry homeowners. It’s also the excess moisture from seepage and high humidity levels. Any moisture in a basement can render it unusable. Since water always follows the path of least resistance, the basement bears the brunt of any excess. Water may enter your basement through any of the following: surface inflow, faulty foundation drainage, sump pump failure, seepage, and basement tile deterioration.

All of these causes of a wet basement have solutions. With proper grading, you can avoid water accumulation around your foundation. While not considered a waterproofing method per se, grading does help prevent water from entering your home due to surface inflow.

Professional waterproofing will help take care of most other basement drainage issues. There is more than one waterproofing method. Basement waterproofing methods include using sealants, coatings, and either interior or exterior waterproofing.

Sealants prevent the walls and floors from absorbing moisture. They’re not the ideal way to manage basement drainage. At best, sealants are a temporary tool to help keep a basement dry. The most expensive (and intrusive) method is exterior waterproofing. This method requires extensive excavation around your home down to the full depth of your foundation. Exterior waterproofing usually entails a drainage panel, an external French drain, and possibly, a sump pump. The ideal time for exterior waterproofing is during the home’s construction.

Unfortunately, most homes aren’t waterproofed as part of the construction process. They are constructed in a way that does not keep the water away from the foundation. The most effective waterproofing method is installing an interior water drainage system in the wet basement. Enter a waterproofing service. Frozen water expands and could crack the walls of the basement. Where there is stagnant water, there is mold and all of the ugly associated with the need for waterproofing.

As explained by Moss, his business is centered on giving his customers the best value for their money. Whether it's carpet cleaning, installing an ATM in your business, or waterproofing Michigan homes, it's all about the customer.

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