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It's Art All the Time!! The Journey of Hannah Rainy

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

"All Eyes on Me" by Hannah Rainy, part of her Blue Series

'Scopophobia- an excessive fear of being stared at.' Defined by Timothy J. Legg, Ph.D., PsyD

Even the most seasoned performers and presenters get a twinge of anxiety when it's time to be center stage. Now, imagine feeling that every time you went to the grocery store or school. Simply locking eyes with a cashier could send you reeling into a spiral.

In many cases, Scopophobia is a symptom of other disorders like Tourette’s Syndrome, Epilepsy, and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder where attention is brought on by an episode. Growing up in a highly religious household, also paired with anxiety and depression, Hannah Rainy used to live in paralyzing fear of risk and being noticed.

"Being an individual wasn't encouraged in my religion. Learning a trade and getting to work was the goal. Going to school for welding was safe. It taught a trade and there is order and a process to follow but didn't allow for much creativity” Rainy says.

Now as a multi-genre artist, she is tasked daily with testing both the boundaries of her pieces and herself.

"I love taking an artistically perfectly proportioned piece and throwing something imperfect on top. One of my current pieces- 'Remember' was once dedicated to her mom but then painted over, this time for a piece in honor of her best friend. I painted over the piece a final time, but this time dedicated to my 'idea of 'self', and what memories are lost when blocking emotional trauma."

"Remember" by Hannah Rainy

Hannah's 'Blue' series, released earlier in the month, focuses on creator's growth inspired by loss, forgiveness, and clarity. "I become the colors when I paint." Using her art to heal past mental wounds, but also physical ailments. Rainy suffers from tremors. "The cold helps to alleviate my tremors. Warmer weather seems to make them worse. Taking time to find the right shot. Many people dislike the cold and rain. They've both been huge parts of my life. After winter, comes spring, which brings rain that refreshes and brings life."

"Footsteps to Nowhere" by Hannah Rainy

Her current project is the 'Red' series, which will center around passion and living without fear.

Celebrating her 27th birthday at the end of May. One of her dreams is to have an art show in Japan. "I love their tech and traditions of honoring nature."

If you're interested in learning more about Hannah Rainy's story and her art, please visit

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