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Seizing the Opportunity, Alli Ottjepka becomes an Opportunity Arts Affiliate.

Courtesy Photo-Allison Ottjepka (aka Allisin Chainz, aka Alli Spins)

(Lansing/Detroit, MI) - Allison Ottjepka (aka Allisin Chainz, aka Alli Spins) is a Cyr Wheel Spinner, Aerial Chain Artist, Aerial Hoop Artist (Lyra), Fire Hoop Dancer, & Instrumentalist from Detroit, MI. She holds a Progressive Axis Training (PAT) Certification, considered the top international Cyr Wheel curriculum.

She has performed at multiple festivals including Dally In the Ally, All Good Festival, Detroit Jazz Fest, Movement Electronic Music Festival, Arts Beats and Eats, Asian Cultural Celebration, Kertcheval After Dark, and Busker Festival Toronto. She has collaborated with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and the Asian Cultural Association. She has been featured in Grossed Pointe Times, Detroit Metro Times, and on Fox 2 Detroit.

For more information on Alli & her work visit her on Instagram:

@alli_spins & @allisin_chainz

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