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"An Evening of Royalty" Presented by the S.M.A.C.K. Show

Courtesy Photo-The Model Team poses for a quick photo.

How does the term ‘Alpha Male’ speak to you? Historically, my thoughts have conjured images of Bros pounding protein powder shakes and pumping iron, businessmen yelling over one another in attempts to assert dominance in the boardroom, and unlimited access to media and real-life illustrations showcasing toxic masculinity in a lead role. Enter WalkWorthy’s ‘An Evening of Royalty’ event on 4.16.22 at the Lansing Mall… to showcase the strength, confidence and success behind the ‘Alpha male’ persona, as well as illuminate a powerful lesson about my own assumptions.

Courtesy Photo-The S.M.A.C.K Show Hosts chat during event

Protein shakes and popularity contests were not present backstage, but rather thoughtful conversation about topics of fatherhood, past life experiences, plant-based diets and life’s reflections dominating the attention of my fellow WalkWorthy models. I saw a taste of the full spectrum of the meaning behind ‘Alpha Male’; felt the power and pride of being part of an incredible group.

The scene was certainly set for a crowning with regal decor, thrones, media and runway featuring additional local designers like Walter Dodd’s ‘Jesus and Me’ Clothing and DMB. Live performers Caleb, Dara aka Reesey, Worship Without Words, Knowdoz, The Lord’s Lyricist and Spoken Praise took the stage.

Courtesy Photo-Show models from L to R Matthew Thornton and Morgan Madden

The inspiration behind the fashion show arose when Worthy and his 12-year-old son, Lemuel, were guests on the S.M.A.C.K show. “WalkWorthy Menswear has been outfitting gentlemen to the Ts for 8 years, but you get more than a suit. “This is my ministry. Men come for a suit and get much more." He adds. "You have to WalkWorthy on the inside before you can show it on the outside, to have open discussions about life and being a positive male influence as a husband, father, entrepreneur and believer in the word.” Personally, I am extremely grateful for his impeccable eye and ability to help a man realize his best self.

Courtesy Photo-From L to R Aondray Worothy and his son Lemuel

This was an ideal free venue for the whole family! The city needs as much positivity as it can get, and through continued collaboration and public support we hope to have more events like this. Massive thanks go out to the S.M.A.C.K Show and WalkWorthy Menswear for allowing writers, businessmen, students, philanthropists, and preachers; men from all walks of life to walk worthy in their finest attire at this outstanding event. Stay tuned! Plans for next year’s show are already in the works. WalkWorthy is also planning the 2nd annual Lansing Capitol Mens’ Flash Mob” in September 2022, with a conference to follow. Visit @Mr_Walkworthy and The SMACK Show’ on Facebook for more info.

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