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It was a 'Blockbuster' Opening weekend for "Wakanda Forever!"

Photo from Google Images/Marvel/Disney

It looks like the nation and the world were ready for the sequel to the 2018 hit movie, "The Black Panther."

“Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever,” made an estimated $180 million at theatres in the U.S. and Canada during its opening weekend. That is the 2nd biggest movie opening of the year, behind “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

With overseas ticket receipts added in, “Wakanda Forever” made $330 million worldwide during its first weekend in theatres. That figure includes about $28 million made during special previews last Thursday like the one held in Lansing sponsored by the local chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity that we told you about here in The Chronicle News.

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