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Jackson, Mississippi water crisis persists as help fades

via CNN

Last summer, there was a huge push to send aid and help to Jackson, Mississippi amid the water crisis. For a short period of time, the media covered the issue, then conversations, funding and volunteer efforts faded but the problem still remains. Jackson's water system is problematic and citizens living there are having a hard time accessing clean, drinkable water.

Now, the grassroots organizations who have offered help and resources all along are running out of funds to continue doing so.

Jackson’s already-frail water system suffered a day of outage over the summer, in a crisis that sparked national outrage and called attention to the decades of water struggles in the city of 150,000 citizens, nearly 83% of them African American.

“The outpouring of help that took place in August, it’s way different now. I guess people burned out,” said Gino Womack, program director of the community organization Operation Good. “There are so many mixed messages about who’s to blame, what to blame, but at the end of the day, it’s the people who suffer. There’s still a fight to give people this basic necessity.”

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