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Khari (Needlz) Cain-The Journey of a Lifetime

By Yanice Jackson-Long

Khari Cain-Courtesy Photo

Mr. Khari Cain-AKA Needlz- is a Grammy Award winning record producer, who grew up on Lansing’s Northside, and graduated from Lansing Sexton High School. He has created music for some of the hottest artists in the music industry such as: Bruno Mars, Drake and Cardi B. Khari says he has always loved music, but his rise to stardom was not something he planned. He originally started a five-year business Program at Florida A&M. This is when he started to DJ at parties and local clubs. After deciding this was not the course for him, he later transferred to Florida state to complete his undergraduate degree in Marketing.

Khari was later accepted into NYU, where he majored in a Music Business Program. While attending this program at NYU, Cain found the most important thing he could do at that time, was to network and cultivate influential relationships with others to help him pursue his calling. While attending NYU Khari landed an internship with Sean “Puffy” Combs at Bad Boy Records, which inspired him to begin a career in music production.

Although music is one of Khari’s passion’s, he has embraced another endeavor that motivates and inspires him. The is the "Makayla Moving Autism" project. The Makayla Moving Autism project is a mobile movement built to uplift communities of color on the Autism spectrum. Khari and his wife have gone out of their way to find specialized clinicians and educational resources that their daughter Makayla, and every child diagnosed with Autism deserves.

#MakaylaMovingAutism is the beginning to a way forward in making a difference. Khari and his wife Manana, plan to send a fully customized bus into Atlanta communities of color, offering clinical workshops, threptic and educational resources. They also will provide a virtual experience that will allow communities the chance to experience the impacts. Together Khari and his wife are raising funds to launch this initiative and raise autism awareness.

Exterior Rendering of the Mobile Clinic-Courtesy Photo

Clinic offerings include:


Clinical screenings will be available to families afflicted with Autism, with the opportunity to be scheduled for a more comprehensive evaluation if necessary.

Parent Education Parents will engage with ASD professionals and be connected to both short and long-term caregiver resources and supports for their child. Clinicians may also be able to train parents to implement at-home interventions.

Personalized Resources & Therapy Clinicians can provide therapeutic activities that address the unique challenges associated with a child’s specific ASD diagnosis.

Virtual Experience By partnering with a private virtual experience vendor, we can create an onboard virtual representation of what Autism looks and feels like for those living with ASD.

If you would like to find out more about this project and contribute to the mission of this project, please visit

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