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Lansing Esthetician Lorin Cumberbatch is The Chronicle News' First Beauty Journalist

Courtesy Photo-Skin Studio 211 Owner and Chronicle News' New Beauty Advice Columnist Lorin Cumberbatch

(LANSING, MI)-The Chronicle news has been in business for thirty-six years! The publication has provided for important information, community news, and an accessible platform for the African American Community. Yanice decided to continue the Chronicle News Legacy, after the passing of her father (Founder and Publisher Jay Price) in February 2022. This resulted in new and exciting changes with a goal of helping to bridge the racial generational gap.

There are many exciting things upon the horizon including new service offerings and new community partnerships. The newest partnership includes adding Skin Studio 211’s owner, Lorin Cumberbatch to the Chronicle News roster.

Courtesy Photo (L to R) Yanice Jackson and Lorin Cumberbatch pause for a quick photo

Lorin has eight years of beauty business experience, which includes working in New York Fashion and owning a spa. Skin Studio 211 is Lorin’s second spa that was opened in the heart of the 2020 pandemic that has since been voted #1-day spa on “The Top pf the Town” awards. She also she is a success graduate of the LEAP All in One program and has been awarded over $110,000 in business grants. Lorin’s success with her Lansing spa and her service to the community through her book drive giveaways in 2021 at “The Fledge” allowed her to cross paths with Yanice Jackson. After a meeting of the minds, Yanice and Lorin decided to team up to bring the community the latest trends and advice within the beauty world. “I am truly excited for this position!” Says business Lorin Cumberbatch. Please join the Chronicle News in giving Lorin a warm welcome as she presents her new beauty column “The 411 from Skin Studio 211

Courtesy Photo-Lorin and Yanice at Tatse & Aloboso Bar being honored as History Makers for Women's History Month March 2022.

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