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Lansing Residents Invited to Meet Fire Chief Finalists


The Finalists for Lansing Fire Chief


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

5:30 - 7:30 PM


City of Lansing

South Washington Office Complex (SWOC)

Drill Hall - 1st Floor

2500 S. Washington

Lansing, MI 48910


The selection committee for the next Chief of the Lansing Fire Department has recommended three finalists to move forward in the process for the position.

The three finalists are:

• Edwin Miller, Assistant Chief, Sterling Heights Fire Department

• Brian Sturdivant, Chief, Battle Creek Fire Department

• Michael Tobin, Interim Chief, Lansing Fire Department

19 candidates applied for the Fire Chief position, with 9 making it to the first round of interviews. Candidates were evaluated by the selection committee, made up of City of Lansing Human Resources Director, Fire Commissioners, and Mayoral appointees who conducted interviews and recommended the top candidates move forward in the final selection process.

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