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Lansing's I-496 will Re-open this Afternoon

For Lansing area drivers, the wait is just about over. A two-mile stretch of I-496 that has been closed for construction work since June, will finally re-open at 5 pm today….in time for the evening commute.

The construction was supposed to be finished in October but they ran into an unexpected ‘snag’, namely, a huge underground sewer pipe beneath the freeway that engineers discovered needed to be replaced.

Although I-496 will again be a ‘straight shot’ for drivers, you’re going to have to wait for a few more weeks before you can use any of the inner-city exits like Washington Avenue, MLK, Pine, or Walnut Streets. Engineers expect they'll be reopened by mid-December.

The work on ‘496 is part of an $80 million statewide infrastructure improvement project.

Screengrab courtesy of WILX-TV

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