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Lawyer Avenatti receives more Prison Time

How the mighty have fallen! Disgraced one-time celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has another 14 years in prison to do -- on top of the 5-year sentence that he's currently serving.

A U.S. judge in Southern California yesterday sentenced Avenatti to 14 years (consecutive) and ordered him to pay more than $10 million in restitution for cheating four of his clients out of millions of dollars. Avenatti admits to funneling client money to accounts he controlled, and spending it on his own lavish lifestyle, including a private jet.

It is the last of three major federal criminal cases to wrap up against the 51-year-old Californian, who rose to fame when he represented pornstar Stormy Daniels during her legal battles with Donald Trump. He became one of the former president’s leading adversaries and he was once mentioned as a possible 2020 presidential candidate.

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