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Letter from Tamera Carter for Lansing City Council At-Large

Courtesy Photo-Tamera Carter, Candidate Lansing City City Council-At Large

June 27, 2023

I condemn the effort of the Mayor to fund City Council candidate’s campaigns through his leadership fund. I have not asked nor will I seek a Mayoral endorsement or take any funds from his leadership PAC. Elected office is an opportunity to represent the people; it is a privilege that should be earned through the trust of the people and the merit of the candidate. When I decided to run for Lansing City Council At-Large, my motivation was the opportunity to serve the Lansing community. It will be my duty to be a representative for the people of Lansing; serving as their voice and ensuring their concerns and interests are heard and addressed.

I believe it is important for the executive and legislative branches of government to work together toward a vision to move Lansing forward. I believe that vision should be collaboratively crafted and shared by the impacted stakeholders. I am committed to promoting transparency and accountability throughout my campaign and future tenure as a Lansing City Council Member At-Large. I pledge to prioritize the voices and interests of the people of Lansing and make decisions that align with their best interests.


Tamera Carter

Lansing City Council At-Large Candidate

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