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Missy Lilje Announces Lansing City Council Campaign

Courtesy Photo-Missy Lilje, Lansing City Council Candidate 2023

Lansing, MI - Missy Lilje today announced her candidacy for an at-large seat on the Lansing City Council. Missy has a passion for serving her community and is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents of Lansing.

Missy's campaign will focus on Lansing’s future. She will be a voice for residents by focusing on:

  • Ensuring we have housing options for everyone, especially affordable housing so all families have options in our city.

  • Reducing gun violence and improving public safety.

  • Policies that create jobs and support a strong local economy.

"I am running for City Council because I believe that this is the greatest city in the world and everyone in Lansing deserves a voice in our city's future," said Missy Lilje. "I am committed to working collaboratively with all members of our community to create a better future for our city and all its residents."

Missy and her husband, Jon Lilje, each work as educators. They live on Lansing’s eastside with their two children. Missy currently serves as a member of the Lansing School Board and has been active throughout the Lansing community for many years, volunteering her time and resources to support local initiatives and organizations. Missy is equipped to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the Lansing City Council.

“As a member of the school board, I have seen some of the best and brightest. I want to continue to work toward a future for this City that those students - and all of us can be proud to call home” Lilje concluded.

For more, follow the Missy Lilje campaign on Facebook at:

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