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Life Insurance you lackin'?! Say Something About Friends Checking You About Things That Matter

"Gotta have some insurance! Insurance shouldn't even be called insurance. It should be called IN CASE SHIT! I give a company my money in case shit happens. If shit doesn't happen, shouldn't I get my money back!?" Chris Rock got it back in '99 with this joke on his Bigger and Blacker comedy special. It's an oversimplification, but with all the insurances we have, we may or may not have to file a claim for, but the only type that is guaranteed to pay we lack in... life insurance.

On average, insured drivers will file an auto claim every 17.9 years. Homeowners' claims occur on average every 10 years. This, of course, is for the average insured. You could blow this number out of the water and have an auto claim every 5 or 2 years. "I had a client get into two accidents within the same month!"

Or be one of the VERY few that doesn’t need to deal with filing a claim. You’ve been blessed with the foresight to miss every deer. The unicorn-like luck to avoid any distracted, elderly, or new driver while never having your kids accidentally start a grease fire making a surprise breakfast for you...You are quite literally one in a million. We don’t know if or when these types of incidents will happen, but we want and, in many cases, legally need to be prepared for them all the same. So, for something that we know will happen, like death. Why are we as a nation and culture so ill-prepared?

One explanation is simple. We don’t want to think or speak about this inevitable fact of life. That someday, life will continue to move without us being here. Sorry to say it can and will. What happens to your energy, soul, chi, whatever is a subject for another article? What about the people we love and things we care for? Those people and things that are directly affected by us leaving this mortal coil? Like I said before, life goes on. Kids still need braces. Cars still need gas and repairs. House still has a mortgage. You spent the time building a life for/with these people. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure they can continue to live THEIR lives the way they were before you died?

GoFundMe is not life insurance. Your wealthy family members are not life insurance. Your collection of vintage Homies dolls that could sell on eBay for 250K is not life insurance. Your checking, savings, and 401Ks aren’t life insurance. The first two are a charity and the second two are assets. There is no guarantee that your 3000 "friends" on Facebook will donate to your funeral or other expenses that your family will endure with your passing. Nor is there a guarantee that rich uncle Herbert will flip the bill, or your prized possessions will sell for what you value them at. With the use of life insurance, it takes the guessing away.

Your family's future doesn't need to hinge on the Homies market because you had the foresight of hedging your bet with something guaranteed. A TAX-FREE gift goes directly to the person, people, or organization of your choice upon your death.

Life insurance is crucial to anyone that cares to leave a legacy and continue to care for the ones you love. This gift could change the trajectory of so many families and that of future generations. Master P started No Limit Records with the life insurance that his grandfather left. Without that, we may not have "Make em' say uhh!" Do you think Grandpa P knew that his gift would help change the music industry? I sincerely doubt it! He wanted to make sure his family was looked after and that he wasn't leaving additional hardship. I didn't realize how life insurance affected my life until I started working in the insurance industry.

My Grandmother, Pauline Thornton, worked in the Chicago school system for decades. She earned multiple degrees, including masters, when people of color that were also women weren't allowed the same access. She and my grandfather acquired their own assets over a lifetime, part of which included life insurance policy proceeds that helped her children and grandchildren attend college- to move forward with their own dreams!

For yourself, your most valued humans, and all the future holds... Please be sure you do not lack life insurance when it matters most.

About Me:

Matthew Thornton is a Farm Bureau Insurance agency owner. Thornton has been in the people helping business for quite some time. “I opened my own agency about six years ago,” said Thornton. “The ability to help people properly protect themselves is very important to me.” His agency specialties are selling auto, home, life and business insurance.


Matt Thornton Agency

(517) 258-7960

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