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McLaren Award Winning Residents Give Strong Showings at Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day

Courtesy Photo-Dr. Jones and Evan Guay, DO, PhD

Dr Graduate Medical Education, Inc. (GMEI) held its 17th annual Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day on April 21, 2022, at the Jack Breslin Student Event Center. Three McLaren Greater Lansing Residents earned awards for their research presentations.

Faculty and other experienced researchers from McLaren Greater Lansing, Michigan State University’s Colleges of Osteopathic and Human Medicine, and other mid-Michigan organizations, teamed up to support the research projects presented by fellows, residents, and medical students. The mentors provided inspiration, conversation, and advice to the students.

“Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day highlights the problems and investigations that affect the patients and providers in our community,” said Evan Guay, DO, PhD, second-year general surgery resident at McLaren Greater Lansing. “There was a great, collegial atmosphere to the event − everyone was there to learn and support one another.”

The following McLaren Greater Lansing residents were awarded for their presentations:

Ethan Ruhland, DO – Earned 1st place for case presentation, “Fracture of an Exeter Femoral Stem with Extensive Ipsilater Peri-Acetabular Osteolysis.”

Evan Guay, DO, PhD – Earned 1st place for oral presentation, “Effects of SARS COVID-19 on General Surgery Cases – and vice versa – on a Community Hospital.”

J. Beau Liljenquist, DO – Earned 2nd place for oral presentation, “Investigating the Effects of Endocuff on Polyp Detection and Miss Rate in the Right Colon.”

“COVID-19 has sort of been the elephant in the room for health care providers over the past few years. It affected patients as well as providers, and it had huge impacts on hospital procedures and life outside of the hospital,” said Dr. Guay.

Dr. Guay has been working on his research project over the past year and is passionate about the role of general surgery during a global pandemic.

“Unfortunately, it felt like (and in many ways, still feels like) we were dealing with limited information in terms of how to treat COVID and how to treat all other issues in the setting of high COVID case rates. Our research provides a robust picture that can help patients and providers calculate risks and plan for (or delay) surgical procedures. It may also help craft future policies surrounding COVID response,” said Dr. Guay.

The Mid-Michigan Regional Research Day offers invaluable experience for developing researchers as they learn how to submit an abstract and prepare a poster or oral presentation of their research.

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