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Micaela Raquel - Chef Boyardee 👩‍🍳

There are so many stereotypes and misconceptions about veganism. And maybe one day, I’ll do a blog on those misconceptions. With that stated, one of the things I enjoy most about this lifestyle is veganizing meals. What I mean by “veganizing” is preparing meals I once cooked before becoming vegan. I do this by using plant-based, dairy-free, or vegan alternative ingredients.

A few months ago, I tried my hand at preparing some dairy-free Alfredo sauce. I was shocked at how great it tasted.

Now, never mind the scarf I got on my head and the pimple patch on my face. I was so excited about how it was coming together. I had to record the magic, lol. 🎥🙈🙊

Sorry, I don’t have the measurement. I added what felt right in my spirit. Lol

Check out the video 😋

Brunch with Micaela Raquel 🍃

Links to follow 😉

**I do not own the rights to this music.

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