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My Two Cents....

How is Lansing's African-American community supposed to process this?

The 'slow' or 'no' media coverage of the death of Bishop David Maxwell, for more than 3 decades one of the city's most prominent black religious leaders!

The City Pulse newspaper had the passing of Bishop Maxwell as its cover story at 1:04 pm on Thursday, December 1st.

Meanwhile....Lansing's main newspaper, The State Journal, prominently featured a story about two '30 something' LGBTQ businesspeople who died within days of each other. The story was first posted on at 8:21 pm on Friday, December 2nd.

The Journal's first article about the death of Bishop Maxwell didn't post until 6:30 pm Sunday, a full three days after it was first reported by the City Pulse.

Chronicle News Graphic

As of Monday morning, December 5th, the market's highest-rated TV news stations, WLNS and WILX, had NOT REPORTED on the Bishop's death, based on monitoring of the postings on their websites since December 1st.

Chronicle News graphic

I ask again in all humility, how are black folks in Lansing supposed to process this 'slight' of one of their most prominent leaders?

And specifically, I ask the Lansing State Journal, does the newspaper place a higher priority on covering deaths of special interest to the LGBTQ community than those of particular interest to the black and religious communities?

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