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Nearly 2 dozen shot, 5 killed in LGBTQ Nightclub in Colorado

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It has happened again -- another deadly mass shooting in America. As of this posting, authorities are still on the scene at the Club Q in Colorado Springs where someone with a gun "went off" around midnight and began shooting folks in the crowded club.

Police have confirmed the deaths of 5 clubgoers with 18 others hurt, some critically.

Officials say a suspected shooter is in custody. He's reportedly hospitalized at this hour. We don't know yet how he was injured. However, police say the suspect was subdued by club patrons.

Club Q is promoted as a place for "Adult, LGBTQ entertainment." The FBI is also said to be on the scene of the mass shooting and agents will be looking to determine if this was an anti-gay hate crime.

Colorado Springs police are expected to provide an update during a press briefing at 8 am local time today (10 am EST).

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Daily Mail UK

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