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PCAP Kicks Off 2022 Art Auction with a Star-Studded Showcase

ANN ARBOR, Dec 3, 2022 -- The iconic arts organization, the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP), celebrates the upcoming debut of their 27th Annual Exhibition of Artists in Michigan Prisons with a engaging winter soiree at the Michigan Union Courtyard in Ann Arbor, Mi on December 3rd at 6:30pm. The event showcases some of the most notable artists from around the state, inside and outside of prison, further establishing the organization at the forefront intersection of social justice and the art world.

True to PCAP's nature, the event is free and open to the public to welcome all people who wish to join PCAP’s work into their community at the University of Michigan. Local media will be showcasing the event where the likes of artists Johnny Van Patten, EVAK, Scott Tompkins, Timothy Blatt, Jeremiah Mckinney, and Martín Vargas will be in attendance with exclusive original works available for purchase. Artists in PCAP have taken the art world by storm and have recently been spotted on today's most relevant news and media outlets.

The 2022 Art Auction includes the highly sought after impressionistic paintings of Oliger Merko and Andy Wynkoop, expert line work by Stephen Stinson, masterful watercolor by Julio Martinez, as well as the unmistakable paper quillings of Carsten and breathtaking landscapes by J. Gostlin.

"PCAP is re-defining the art scene in a way that is relevant to a new generation of creators and people from all walks of life. We are focused on creating community at the intersections between different parts of society to create opportunities for artistic collaboration, mutual learning, and growth," says Emily Chase, Arts Programming Coordinator of PCAP.

PCAP has exploded onto the art scene with programming that places human connection at the center of their process and celebrates artists, writers, and performers at all skill levels. "What sets PCAP programs apart is our thoughtful and compassionate treatment of incarcerated creators. PCAP facilitators and curators engage with incarcerated participants as equal partners in the creative process. This commitment to equity and humanity is at the heart of all PCAP programs," according to the Director of PCAP, Nora Krinitsky. Intentionally designed and thoughtfully developed, PCAP continues to prove their innovative social justice vision while revolutionizing the forefront of collaborative community engagement in the arts.

The 2022 Art Auction original works are available exclusively at the event and For more information or to add to your calendar, visit

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