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Program starting to provide suffering Michigan Vets with Cannabis for Healing

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Hero Project USA in partnership with the Canna Social Equity Foundation (CSEF) has secured preliminary approval to move forward with its Veteran Compassion Care program in the State of Michigan. Regulators with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency supported the group's efforts to provide Veterans in Michigan suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with free cannabis through the commercially regulated cannabis industry in Michigan. Becky Burton, Chair of CSEF said, "The State of Michigan is taking real steps to acknowledge and support exactly what science has already proven...weed works!"

Retailers, cultivators, and processors will have the opportunity to legally donate commercially tested products to designated retail locations for Veteran distribution, locally. This is a huge step forward in managing such debilitating conditions. Free access to cannabis medication will be essential to those suffering from the effects of active military duty and deployment.

In 2023, 25 Michigan Veterans will be screened and entered into the Veteran Compassion Care program, pairing them with local retailers and producers, delivering them the medicine they so desperately need, at no cost. Those Veterans interested in participating should check the Hero Project USA website often for program development updates. Those Veterans who have a valid Michigan medical marijuana card with the diagnosis of PTSD or TBI will be considered for participation.

Veteran Compassion Care is in the beginning stages of development, Hero Project USA and CSEF staff are interested in recruiting retailers, cultivators, secure transporters, and processors licensed in the State of Michigan who are interested in becoming a part of Veteran Compassion Care.

For more information:

Canna Social Equity Foundation Hero Project USA

Connie Maxim- Sparrow Anton Harb

Executive Director Veteran Advisor to the Board

231-670-5863 716-553-6935


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