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Ryan Kost Shares Priorities for the City of Lansing’s First Ward

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Courtesy of Ryan Kost

I am the current 1st Ward City Council Member who believes our best days are coming and has been a fighter for the people of the 1st Ward, all the people since I entered office. My top priorities remain unchanged, focusing on the community again, and I mean the people who live here and make this city great, building up our park system back to the model others follow, and tackling significant issues in housing from the conditions of public housing to ensuring code compliance is doing their job and protecting us, the people. The local government needs to work and be accountable to the citizens of Lansing, and I have worked hard to make that happen. I started hitting the ground running and laser-focused on our issues from day one. I tackled the code department and helped bad managers find the door so we could have a department working for the people, and were not done yet. I stood up and will continue to stand up to slumlords; no one deserves to live in unsafe housing, period. I secured vast improvements in several of the 1st Ward parks, including a dock, new signs, stocked fish, new equipment, better barriers to protect green space, and advocating with our state legislature to give us the money to save Moores Park Pool which they did! When we found waste, I put two amendments forward to fund warming and cooling centers at our community centers. I also worked with the other council members when the mayor vetoed it to override his veto and be a proper local government balance again, not a rubber stamp. I have worked with anyone and everyone to advocate for the people and will continue to do so if the people of Ward 1 re-elect me. I have always lead not from the front but as an equal, with the community at my side and their needs as my north star. Given the honor of 4 more years, I will serve the people.

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