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What many analysts say is this fall’s most expensive race for the U.S. House is being fought right here in mid-Michigan over the seat representing Greater Lansing.

It pits Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin and state Senator Tom Barrett for the seat for the newly redrawn 7th congressional district which covers Livingston County and parts of western Genesee and Oakland counties along with Lansing.

Slotkin, who’s been in Congress for two terms, is one of just 5 House Democrats representing a district won by Donald Trump -- flipping a GOP-held seat in the 2018 midterms.

According to the Detroit News, Slotkin, “…held a formidable cash advantage with nearly $3.8 million in the bank heading into October 2022 (compared) to her opponent’s $115,000."

Counting future ad buys, including those from independent outside groups, spending in the Slotkin/Barrett race is at an estimated $27 million. Making this the nation's most expensive House race according to 'AdImpact' a firm that monitors political campaign spending.

Republicans believe the democrat Slotkin is vulnerable because of President Biden’s low popularity nationwide. But the former CIA analyst has shown crossover appeal to voters.

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