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The S.M.A.C.K Show-Support Small Business-

All images courtesy of the SMACK show

The S.M.A.C.K Show is one of the first family “live” reality “talk

shows” of it’s time. We speak about real life issues, and news happening

in the world everyday on a level where every person young or old can

relate to it. We enjoy allowing people to see us as we truly are, and are

happy to share our opinions on a matter. We record our shows “LIVE” so

people can feel like they are (right there) on set with us.

We on The SMACK Show love to give back and sow gifts and

monetary blessings into people and the community (if, and whenever we

can). Our show helps to shine light on local businesses, authors, and

anyone trying to do something positive and uplifting just like us.

We love to make people laugh and have a good time no matter

what may be happening in this crazy world around us.

We created The S.M.A.C.K Show while our salon (See-LaVee) was

shutdown and we were out of work (at home), and shut-in during the start

of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our show’s name means:

“Seriously Making Awareness of Conscious Kickbacks”, but now is

revised to “Spiritually Minded Adults & Children of the Kingdom”!

****Please find us on all social media platforms (Facebook/

Instagram/YouTube/ and TikTok under The SMACK Show and/or Tre Kin.

Follow us for more information about any upcoming “community” events

or live recordings of our show.

The SMACK Show Be A Miracle- (Giving Back is what we’re all about)

We at The S.M.A.C.K Show pride ourselves in giving back to our

community, while supporting those in need and promoting small

businesses. We work hard to assure that our platform provides a sense of

support and inspiration in our community, our city and around the world.

While spreading awareness on social, local, and political issues, we

endeavor to expose our viewers to new and existing small businesses,

churches and other outreach programs. As we continue to provide this

information and resources to our viewers, we hope to make a positive

impact in their lives while increasing the patronage of our small

businesses in the City of Lansing and in the State of Michigan as a whole.

We are constantly looking for businesses in our Community, State,

and around the World, who will allow us to use our platform to help

promote and shine light on their business. Everything we do is out of the

kindness of our hearts, and is our way of showing small businesses that

we “The S.M.A.C.K Show” stand behind them a one hundred percent.

We also know that many people around us are suffering due to loss

of a loved one, job, vehicle, or home. We want to be the blessing that WE

want to see, by being a village to those who may feel alone. And even

though we are not the richest people around, we don’t mind donating

whatever we can to help put gas in someone’s tank, food on someone’s

table, or clothes on someone’s back. We have made it our mission to

donate to our local shelters and different community outreach programs

on a regular basis because we believe we can help “be a miracle”!

The SMACK Show Be A Miracle

The S.M.A.C.K Show- (All the things we need to make this possible)

Once You/The Business you are representing have accepted to be

on our Show we will need a few things from you to get started...

1. We will need a short bio about you or the business you are

representing (so we can read it to our audience before bringing you

to the table) to help to better introduce you.

2. We will need between 2-5 pictures (of you or the business you a

representing), that we may use for promotional purposes prior to your

live recorded interview.

3. If your showtime is agreed to be at 7pm (est) or earlier, our team

will arrive at your establishment 1 hour before showtime (to setup,

and get post promo pictures taken, as well as, pray and go over all the

ground rules of the show before we start).

4. Please have everyone who will be interviewed (or apart of the

interview in any way) in the building at least 15 minutes before


5. One week prior to your agreed show date we will also send out

“Mock Questions” (about 7-10 questions in totality) that we will ask

onthe show (to help you better prepare for your interview).

***Please contact: Show Creator - LaToya Burnette @

517-763-3397 for any additional information.

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