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The Supreme Court will decide the Legality of Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness program

The nation's highest court will decide whether the Biden administration's Federal Student Loan forgiveness program is LEGAL.

The Supreme Court announced yesterday it will expedite a review of the legality of President Biden’s plan to cancel federal student loan debt for millions of borrowers, and hold oral arguments in February.

Lower courts have put the program, which the administration said was justified by repayment problems amplified by the pandemic, on hold. The Biden administration asked the justices to either allow it to go forward while legal challenges continue or to take up the issue themselves. The administration recently extended the pause on student loan repayment, which was set to expire at the end of this year, to give the high court time to act.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, a Republican, is one of the officials who sued to stop the new loan forgiveness program. He's praising the high court’s decision to take up the case.

“The President’s attempt to cancel student loans for most borrowers goes far beyond his lawful authority. And it wrongly shifts the economic burden of over $430 billion in loans from those who benefitted from that money to those who did not,” he said in a statement. “We stand firm against the President’s political exploitation of our student loan program just before an election.”

The Biden administration also said it welcomed the court’s decision to hear the case.

Graphic courtesy of WUSA-TV

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