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This is It: Election Eve in America

Here we are on the verge of the 2022 mid-term elections -- with so much on the line as voters decide in scores of National, State, and local races.

Will Democrats maintain control of the U.S. House and the Senate? Or will one or both go back to Republicans? Here in Michigan, what will happen with those much talked about proposals on the ballot -- #2 (regarding voting rights) and #3 (about reproductive rights)?

How will the so-called “election deniers” do? Will this election create even more folks who doubt the validity of the results?

NBC News polling has found a significant narrowing of the ‘enthusiasm gap’ between Republican and Democratic voters.

Now, an equal number of Democrats and Republicans (73%) express "high interest" in Tuesday’s elections. Just a month ago, GOP voters were 9 points ahead (78%-69%) of Democrats in the “high interest” category.

This ‘could be’ an indication that the “closing arguments” of Democratic candidates and surrogates are resonating more with voters. We’ll start finding answers tomorrow night.

Be forewarned though, in some of the more hotly contested races, both on the national and state levels, it will take days for the final results to be known.

Screengrab: Courtesy NBC News

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